Saturday, June 12, 2010

Independence Day for the Independent Gay

I wonder how was it to be gay 100 years ago, Rizal with his brilliant mind never mentioned in his social cancer books or maybe, just maybe, gays during the Spanish era were all securely locked up inside their Narra closets for fear of facing the firing squads of the Guardia Civil in Bagumbayan.

History revealed that many revered men were gay; the great warrior who almost conquered half of the modern world was gay. two of the most celebrated philosophers said to be gay, one holiest of holies ascended the throne was a gay, a fiercest warrior, a great playwright, a Hollywood heartthrob, be-medaled athlete, from mythology to reality, and even the Bible has an un-told gay love story.... and I could go on and on with my enumeration that will make your jaws drop but I'd rather be mum about it out of respect for their persona.

The Bible has its opinions about gays but I dare not argue with it.

Since the beginning of time gays walked the face of the earth silently but surely to take their place under the sun.

Gays have long played their vital roles in all facets of society: In the military, religion, politics, sports and science and technology ... I need not mention Culture and the Arts; fashion, the entertainment business for the reason is obvious.

Gays are survivors, they have gone through the worst of time, similar to the holocaust when they were persecuted.

Thanks but no thanks to the characters of "Facifica Falafay" "Pepita Popongay" etc etc etc where they pictured gays as a caricature of a painted clowns, a joke and a screaming faggots.

Today gays walks through the portals and corridors of power and into whose hands lies the future of a nation.

Gays have evolved, from being called maricona in the 50's, binababae in the 60's, sioke in the 70's, badaf in the 80's, bading in the 90's and Sir, your Honor, Doctor, Mister, Boss in the year 2000, not flattery but out of respect for their brilliant minds, their achievements and great contributions in society.

Tell me, who amongst you has no close encounter with the third sex? Day in and day out gays are part of our everyday life... the fashion you wear, the words and expressions you uttered and even the simple move you do were gay influenced. Gay lingo can be heard from the exclusive enclaves and abodes of the high strung, snob nose of the society to the poorest of the poor down to the slums.

Gays have created their own world, their own environment and their own language, but stop and look and listen. The so called normal people of the society are their to invade what was made for their exclusivity. Example, in the gay bars. Who do you find occupies the front row seats and the earliest patrons? A serene and dignify office girls, a giggling college girls and a be-jeweled matrons who turned tickled pink when the music begins as the glistening Adonis parades and grinds in their birthday suits.

To the closet queens who suffers in darkness, come out and bask in the colors of the rainbows.

Gays are now liberated from the shackles and bondage of ignorance and hypocrisies of the people, they have proven their worth and earned the respect of the society.

Silently they will fill the void in our culture long intentionally ignored.

Gays don't conceive nor gives birth but they continue to multiply.

From the dawn of time, 'til the end of time, gays are here to stay ... promise.

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  1. I did that oil painting 12 years ago to commemorate the centennial celebration of our independence... A man with eyebrows raised & limp wrist, reluctant to wave the flag.