Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alms Alms Alms Alms

An eighty five year old woman; wrinkled and stooped by time regularly climbed the third level of the building with several stops and pauses to catch her breath to peddle her cheap food snacks to me and rest of the building occupants.

A couple of teenage boys; tall, lean and muscular presented to me papers from the Barangay and the Office of the Mayor allowing them to solicit for their team uniform for the basketball intra-murals in the city.

A hunky young man who I knew from the distant past sent me a text message in the usual shortened manner, politely asking me to loan him cash (write it on water) so he can facilitate the issuance of his passport.

A boy of eight years, neatly dressed in an oversize politician campaign shirt with his hair neatly gelled and parted on the side came to me and innocently asked to help him buy the notebooks he needed for the school opening. In a childish manner he specifically describe the type of notebook he wanted.

For the teenage boys I turned them down without batting an eyelash. With a raised eyebrow I told myself "if they can not afford to dressed up themselves, then don't play basketball or play with their underwear." It is as simple as that.

For the hunky young man, I didn't even bother replying to his text message and deleted his name from my friends list.

I know I should not be giving further comments since I ignored their request but i can not help but to give a piece of my mind.

I can not stand parasite people who depend on alms and dole outs to sustain their needs. Money is not easy to find... it's not like picking pebbles by the shore. By the sweat on my brows I earned my every centavo and it would be a big foolishness and a sin to squander the hard earned money to people stronger than a carabao.

I never fail to buy from the eighty five year old woman. People who knew me knows I am quite picky when it comes to food stuff being peddled ... no street foods for me, please. The old woman has a soft spot in my heart and patronizing her foods is the best and easiest way to help. Its been months now and I haven't seen the familiar bended figure who labored hard with her fragile bones climbing the stairs step by step to earn a few centavo. I miss her and her soulful gaze to express her gratitude.

After analyzing the chain of sad stories he told me, I gave my pledge to the eight year old boy for the note books he needed with his specifications on my mind. I can not afford to dose cold water to his burning desire to attend school.

Honestly, I am not a generous person ... but I am a happy giver.

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