Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day ...duh.

So the world is celebrating Father's day today, I do not want to sound negative but many years back I can't remember I ever did celebrate a Father's Day, I grew up with a strong bond with my Papa so I never need a special day to make me remember him, the memory stays in the heart not in the pages of the calendar... Everyday is a Father's Day or a Mother's Day or a Sister's Day or a Brother's Day or a Pet's Day. . . we remember all the people we love every waking hours of our lives and we make each day a special day for them.

We are heavily influenced by commercialism, thanks to Hallmark, the Gibson's card and to the chain of bookstores who bombarded us with their advertisements to make their cards sell and their cash registers ringing, including the restaurants who are also the beneficiaries of the commercialization and not to forget the florists too.

But on top of all this, I find the idea great ... at least.

What do we have next ; A Yaya's Day ? or we already have one.

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