Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Am What I Am

1. I can't go to bed without taking a cold shower even if its freezing cold
2. Can't sleep without my night cream
3. Can't sleep if I have someone with me in my room
4. I have to change my linen every night
5. I need three pillows when I sleep
6. I hate it when people bring their slippers & shoes inside my room
7. I am a certified OC
8. I paint when I'm emotional
9. I love antiques
10. Literature & World history are my favorite subject
11. I hate Math
12. I don't eat Japanese food
13. I don't know how to use chopsticks
14. I believe that signature clothes don't add up to one's personality
15. I love to eat Pinakbet with Crispy pata on the side
16. I am very very very choosy when it comes to making friends
17. I avoid people wearing perfume...they make me sneeze
18. I am immaculately neat
19. I criticize people
20. Watching people makes me laugh
21. I love nature & the countryside
22. I hate the sun & the sand but I love to hang around in Bora
23. Dull people make me laugh
24. Intelligent people make me intelligent too
25. I am beautiful...need I say more ?

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