Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why ?

Why do we give a crap about what other people

do sometimes? Or what people think of us?

We love to have fun, in our own ways.

So why should we stop doing something

that one or two people don't like but everyone

else does. That doesn't make any sense!

And we don't like it when people make rude

remarks to someone so why say them to others?

It hurts them and it hurts us! What's that all about?

People are trying to be mean because

they sometimes need to put people down

to feel better about themselves,

that's mainly why we make fun of others

or put them down. so why can't we have

satisfaction in other stuff? That does not include

making people sad and depressed, and stuff like that.

Why are we making people sad just to make

ourselves feel better?

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