Thursday, July 1, 2010

Postscript from the Inaugurals

Traditionally all the inaugurals of the highest position of the land follows a strict protocols. no matter how austere it is the affair should not and must not be stripped of the stately ceremony befitting the office of the man to be installed. Except of course under such prevailing circumstances when we can put aside all protocols like what happened to the two former lady Presidents.

The last Inaugurals started smoothly, from the Palace when GMA made the traditional ritual of going down the palace grand staircase and accompanied the incoming President to the venue of the inauguration. The thirty minutes one on one talk between the outgoing and the incoming Presidents in the Palace Music room before leaving was omitted. Protocol was breached.

The review of the Honor Guards was perfectly executed. Even the positioning of the dais were correctly placed. The dais of the outgoing President should be one step forward than the incoming President and the Chief of Staff.

The departure of the outgoing President was one of the highlight based on the traditional ceremony was followed.

The hullabaloo started when the incoming President went up the stage ahead of the Vice President elect. It should be the other way around. Again the protocol was breached.

When all the guest are settled then the oath of office starting with Vice President immediately begins then the President and all this should be done in thirty minutes and before the stroke of twelve noon. No entertainment numbers before the oath taking. Again the protocol was breached.

After the much celebrated media hype about the preparation of the said affair the organizing committee mis-calculated the time because of the crucial thirty minutes that was omitted in the Palace. This is where all the comedy of errors began, to fill in the time gap showbiz personalities were asked to perform. What was suppose to be a Stately ceremony was reduced into a variety show similar to our everyday noontime shows.

All the performances were third rate not fitting for a very honorable occasion. There was this trio who were old enough to do some rapping, a Josh Groban wanna be rendered a song a la punebre, the much ballyhooed inaugural song specially written for the affair turned out to be a so so song. They were all trying hard bunch of self proclaimed nationalistic people.

The biggest blunder of the day: when a performer whose voice have no match with our ordinary singing contestants requested all the people including the Head of States, members of the Diplomatic Corps, Honorable Leaders of the country, members of the judiciary, members of the Congress, members of the Clergy, ladies in their formal dresses and even the incoming President and the Vice president were asked to stand and raise their hands and to follow the lyrics of his song which appeared to be like taking an oath. There were hesitations on their faces but so as not to appear un-nationalistic they followed with a sour face. The all looked funny. Betcha by golly wow! what was suppose to be a Stately and Honorable affair turned out to be a cheap jejemon rock concert. Again the protocol was breached.

I was waiting for Mr. pure Energy to do his famous "Hataw Na" dance number despite his awkward age and that would complete the variety show. I thought I was watching Wow Wowee or ASAP.

Despite the extra time the oath taking proper was done in haze, the incoming President was awkwardly positioned, the Bible was placed on his side, it should be in front of him, members of the family were not properly cued where to stand, they were all scattered around.

The Inaugural Address was no different from the past speeches made during the inaugurations. It followed the same old pattern of speeches.

Abraham Lincoln, " a government from the people, for the people, by the people shall not perish on the face of the earth..."

John F. Kennedy, " ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country..."

Ramon Magsaysay, " those who have less in life should have more in law..."

Noynoy Aquino, " walang wang wang, walang counter flow, walang tong..."

Tell me now... is this the way a Head of State addresses his people on his Inaugurals, this line will go down the history & it sounds so pathetic.

There were some redeeming moments: Ryan Cayabyab and the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Madrigal Singers gave the affair some air of dignity. Charice sang the Lupang Hinirang perfectly, I can see the National Historical Commission smiling and the big crowds were properly handled.

Anyway, the true measure of success is not how the Inauguration was done and handled but how the leader will govern the land.

Six years from now I will see you at the next Inaugurals.

Long live the President !


  1. haha uncle, your entries are always sooo long. i'll try to read this later :p

    Suggestion.. add some photos too (you can google them I guess). Haha im like a kid who would pick the illustrated books rather than pocket books :p

  2. Ahahahaha! I agree completely :P